Monday, March 4, 2013

Principality of Wy

Principality of Wy
Principality of Wy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time again. Monthly Micronation Monday. And what obscure territory will we explore this time? Why, the Principality of Wy, in Australia! 

It originated with the Delprat family and their home in Sydney of Mosman. They applied to build a driveway in front of their house. Yet, after 11 years, the issue still had not come to a solution. Finally, on November 13 of 2004, the Delprat family, formally dressed, visited Town Hall and presented a Decree of Secession to the mayor of Mosman. 

The ambitious family declares 7,500 square feet to be their country’s territory.  Wy is a heavily artistic nation, sponsoring art prizes and holding exhibitions.

Prince Paul and the Serene Family in the Forest of Wy by Samuel Wade
Prince Paul leads the nation, and much of the nation’s activity takes place online today on their official website: The family seems to take a light-hearted approach to their royalty on the website, including pictures of a sleeping Prince Paul draped in fake jewelry by his children. 

One of the more famous micronations and one of the many in Australia, Wy’s seemingly most defining characteristic is its artistry.

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