Friday, March 1, 2013

James Monroe


Another Presidential Friday is upon us. Today, the spotlight is on the 5th president- James Monroe. Like many of our earlier Presidents, Monroe served in the army and was a lawyer. The "era of good feelings president" was the last "Virginia Dynasty" president, so called because 4 of the 5 presidents the US had seen so far were from Virginia.

Monroe, an anti-Federalist, easily took the presidency in 1816 with 80% of the vote. And in fact, overseeing a time of peace and the annexation of Florida, people were quite happy under Monroe's presidency. At least until 1819, when a panic struck over the a major financial crisis. Meanwhile, tensions over the admission of Missouri into the Union helped reveal the division of the country. Despite these obstacles, he easily claimed reelection in the 1920 election.

The capital of Liberia, Monrovia, was named for Monroe as he supported colonies in Africa for free African Americans. And in 1823, he 'issued' the famed Monroe Doctrine- he warned Europe not to interfere in the territories to the West of the United States. He claimed the European nations could keep control of their current colonies, but should they seek new colonies or brutally treat their colonists, then the United States would be forced to intervene. 

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