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Deutsch: Kugelmugel im Prater, in Wien
Deutsch: Kugelmugel im Prater, in Wien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For Monthly Micronation Monday, we explore a micronation within Austria named Kugelmugel (roughyl meaning Spherical Hill).

Kugelmugel's Flag

The story starts with artist Edwin Lipburger, who clashed with authorities over his permit to build a ball-shaped house. He built it in the countryside in 1984, only for the authorities to move the 7.68 diameter house into Vienna Prater park.

Kugelmugel's seal

Lipburger declared Kugelmugel to be its own Republic, stating his address as 2 Anti-fascism Square, printing his own stamps and refusing to pay taxes. The Austrian president pardoned Lipburger, saving him from a jail sentence.


The house in the park is now enclosed by barbed wire and serves as a tourist attraction. Outside the structure, Lipburger has put up a long "Shit List," including Mayor Zilk, who forged demolition papers for Kugelmugel.


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