Monday, June 10, 2013


Coming a bit late this month is our Monthly Micronation Monday! Today, we look at the Nation of Celestial Space, or Celestia. And where does it exist? Why, in the entirety of outer space.

The micronation is considered long defunct after the death of its founder, James Mangan. Due to Mangan's position as founder, his residence in Evergreen Park, Illinois, is considered part of Celestia's territory.

 File:People James Mangan Celestia 01.png

This very old micronation was claimed to be founded on December 20, 1948. It formed its own currency, including coins called the Joule and the Celeston, and it wished to fine other nations for venturing into space, which Celestia claimed to be its territory. Mangan sent letters to various nations claiming to have banned atmospheric nuclear tests, and sent many more angry letters to the United States and the Soviet Union during the Space Race.


Though the US and other nations mainly ignored Celestia, in June 1958, the US unfurled the Celestian flag on national television. The next day, the United Nations flew the Celestian flag alongside the flags of the UN's member nations. 

Flag of Celestia.svg      Seal of Celestia

The stamps, coins, and passports Mangan created throughout the 1950's and 1960's appear to be the only remnant of this micronation. Mangan is survived by his daughter, Princess Ruth of the Nation of Celestial Space, and three grandons, Glen, Dean, and Todd Stump, the Dukes of Selenia, Mars, and the Milky Way respectively.

File:Stamp Celestia 01.png

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