Monday, May 6, 2013

Republic of Molossia

The first Monday of the month brings us to another micronation- Molossia.

The micronation is located in Dayton, Nevada. It has only four residents, one of them being His Excellency President Kevin Baugh.


The micronation, the idea formed in 1977 and the actual territory founded in 1999, is one of the older micronations of today. It boasts a motto ("Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained"), a national anthem ("Molossia, Nation in the Desert" by Kevin Baugh), a claimed 1.3 acres of land, and its own currency called the Valora.

Though Molossia is, by name, a constitutional presidential republic, it is by fact a military dictatorship. The Molossian navy consists of rubber rafts.

Molossia appears to celebrate many of its own holidays. In this month of May, May 1st was Boulder Day and May 26th will be Founder's Day. On the website is a countdown to the opening of a Molossian time-capsule buried in the land- 1,028 days from today, May 6th.

The Molossian customs station

The website also counts the number of days Molossia has purportedly been at war with East Germany: a staggering 10,788 days as of May 6th. War was declared on November 2nd, 1983, for uncertain reasons, though they perhaps pertain to Baugh being stationed in West Germany with US troops. The website appears to issue war bonds for the war effort with the now defunct eastern bloc nation of East Germany.

Border sign, Harmony Province
War bond

In addition to having English as an official language, Molossia occasionally uses the Deseret alphabet.

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