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Hello, and welcome to a blog dedicated to great historical moments and great historical people!

Though a somewhat unstructured blog, I seek to share my love for history and hopefully let other people enjoy it as well. Some special features are Presidential Fridays, which will focus on a specific US President, and Micronation Monday, where on the first Monday of every month, I will talk about a specific micronation. A micronation is a territory that claims independence despite not being recognized by other nations or organizations. With the exception of this one, I hope to post most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

For my first post, let's start with a little uplifting tale.

During World War I, when trench warfare (troops protecting themselves from depressions in the ground) was the preferred method and the land in between the trenches was known as no-man's land, a famous truce occurred around Christmas. Known as the Christmas truce, British and German soldiers throughout the winter would cross the no-man's land to give gifts to one another, speak with one another, sing holiday carols, and play games of soccer together. French troops were also known to have joined in on the holiday fun. The tale of peace amongst the most tense of enemies brings hope to many who read it.

I hope it brightened your day a little. 

Have an interesting history factoid? I'd love it if you commented with it! Thank you and have a historical day.

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